About Us

What is Rainbow Chefs Academy?

Our mission

To Improve the Wellness of Society

Our vision

To Offset Diabetes and Obesity in our Children and our Community Worldwide Through Education

Rainbow Chefs Academy
Rainbow Chefs Academy

What is Rainbow Chefs?

  • We are the Revolutionaries in the Health & Wellness field of education
  • We Deliver Life Lessons through Culinary Arts
  • We Offer a Real Solution to the Epidemic of Obesity and Type 2 Diabetes
Rainbow Chefs Academy
Rainbow Chefs Academy


The DNA of Rainbow Chefs

It all started in her own kitchen.

Born in Ukraine and raised on home-cooked meals, Lana brought this sensibility with her to America while raising her own children.

Seeing a major problem in the health and nutrition of our nation’s youth, she wanted to do something about it.

In 2011, she started “Les Petit Chefs.” Using the principle of “eat the rainbow,” Lana soon after changed the name…
Rainbow Chefs was born.

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Lana took her recipes and approach to health & wellness and created curriculums aimed at the elementary level.

In 2012, San Mateo District contacted Lana. Enrichment programs were created, along with Instructor Training.

In this same year, she began working with the Highlands Recreation Center, and at the request of parents, came summer camps and chefs parties.

Bay Area Community Resources (BACR) became involved as Rainbow Chefs expanded.

By 2019, Rainbow Chefs had reached over 30,000 children and 1800 schools.

Curriculums extended into Middle School and High School, along with new offerings such as Chef Boxes, created for teachers.

Dr. Ed Bauman, founder of Bauman Wellness joined the team in 2020, bringing his rich experience in holistic health and nutrition.

With a vision of changing K-12 Education through CORE, STEAM, CASEL & NGSS alignment, Rainbow Chefs had now grown to…

Rainbow Chefs Academy

One woman with a kitchen, a mission, and a vision for our future.

Rainbow Chefs Academy
Rainbow Chefs Academy

We're in the business of dreams.

We are a purpose-driven business.

  • We Empower Children to Develop Healthy Eating Habits, Manners & Etiquette
  • We Expose Children to Diverse Cultural Traditions
  • We Educate, Explore, Entertain and Engage


Rainbow Chefs Academy
Rainbow Chefs Academy


what we do.

  • School and Community Based Enrichment Classes
  • Summer, Winter and Spring Camps
  • Health & Wellness Corporate Team Building
  • Healthy Kids Birthday Parties
  • Nutritious Events Catering
  • Rainbow Chef Parties