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September 2021

Rainbow Chefs: Inspiring Kids to Eat Healthy

Svetlana Elgart on Legend Magazine

All cards on the table: nutrition can be a complex topic for a parent to talk to their children about. It's hard enough to get them to eat. Still, it is even more challenging to get them to understand the value of eating healthy.

Childhood obesity has become a prevalent issue in the last 50 years, particularly in the United States. The International Journal of Preventive Medicine calls childhood obesity "a global public health crisis"...

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Svetlana Elgart
August 2021

Fighting Child Obesity and Diabetes During a Pandemic

Rainbow Chefs Online Academy on Inspiration Television published by Joseph Bonner Network

Svetlana Elgart is the Founder & CEO of Rainbow Chefs and has been working diligently with schools throughout California during the pandemic to teach young people how to eat healthy on a budget through her Rainbow Chefs Online Academy.

She joins Inspiring Coach Joseph Bonner on this unforgettable show!

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