Wellness Training K-12

Turn-key nutrition and wellness training for schools, home based and after school programs.

Multiple Learning Options

Rainbow Chefs Academy offers instructor lead, one‑to‑one and self paced wellness programming.

Curriculum based classes

Our wellness training is aligned with CORE, STEAM, CASEL & NGSS, with assessments.

Hands-on Learning

We cook every class and provide all of the non‑perishable materials required!

The Purpose of Rainbow Chefs Academy

Impact Your Student's WELLNESS

Join us and thousands of other teachers and schools on the mission to offset worldwide diabetes and obesity through education.

Rainbow Chefs Academy is ideal for:

  •   Public / Private / Home Schools K-12
  •   After School Networks
  •   Educational Consortiums
  •   Summer Programs

How does Rainbow Chefs Academy Programs

Create Impact

Rainbow Chefs Academy is a premier nutrition education portal for K-12 offering engaging sessions for developing nutritional eating habits.

Our program allows learners to personalize their profile for selecting healthy and nutritionist tested recipes with age‑appropriate guidance.

Courses are formatted to fulfill accredited curriculum requirements to reinforce STEAM and core‑competencies in every day life.

36,000+ Students
& Counting!

  Hands-on Learning      Core Curriculum Based   
  Course Flexibility      Multiple Delevery Options

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What are people saying about Rainbow Chefs Academy?


Thousands of students have already taken part in Rainbow Chefs Academy courses — it's time to experience it for yourself!

Kimball Elementary
We will ask for Rainbow Chefs Academy to be a part of our schools resources. Thank you!

Kimball Elementary

Antioch, CA
I just wanted to share my personal story. My son enjoyed cooking before he began the classes on Rainbow Chefs Academy. Now thanks to the classes he wants to cook more often and is more open minded about trying new foods. At Mission Graduates, Rainbow Chefs Academy educational classes has been a breath of fresh air.


Mission Graduates, SF, CA
Jefferson Elementary
Rainbow Chefs Academy brought excitement to our students and admiration to our Educators. Great Program!

Jefferson Elementary

Oakland, CA
Hoover School
Our staff loved Rainbow Chefs Academy and the educational classes that are offered on their SaaS platform in such a fun, unique and easy way for everyone to use. Thank you RCA.

Hoover School

Bay Area, CA
Sankofa School
We have had a few parents reaching out and letting us know how happy they are seeing their children in the kitchen, cooking new healthy recipes for themselves and others in the home. It seems that Rainbow Chefs Academy provides needed classes on their platform for our youth.

Sankofa School

Oakland, CA
Haigtt School
Our students really enjoyed Rainbow Chefs ACademy last year. They loved cooking in every class without the kitchen, and asked to continue using Rainbow Chefs Academy in the future to learn more.

Haigtt School

Oakland Tech
As an Educator/Teacher who taught this program, I can tell you both myself and the students really enjoyed Rainbow Chefs Academy the the clever, hands on ways it shows everyone how to be healthy by eating healthy, cooking healthy while incorporating math, science, nutrition, history in all the learnings. Thumbs UP for Rainbow Chefs Academy!

Oakland Tech


    We work hard too empower students through nutritional planning, the science and discovery of healthy food and interactive cooking exploration.

    Our young chefs are taken through a journey of cultural explorations, chef trainings, and the Sciences behind the food they eat. Eating healthy has never been this fun and informative. We are aiding the mission in preventative health care for a healthier tomorrow! See Rainbow Chefs Academy in action making fruit salsa with Ava!

    Rainbow Chefs Academy's Partners

    We are proud to partner with innovative civic, community, education and corporate partners to bring wellness and healthy living to thousands of people every year.

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