What is Rainbow Chefs Academy?

Rainbow Chefs Academy is a proprietary Health and Wellness curriculum aimed at curbing obesity and diabetes by changing the landscape of diet.

What sets us apart?

Our Health & Wellness Program helps to offset state mandated health education by supporting the Whole School, Whole Community, Whole Child (WSCC) and Every Student Succeeds Acts (ESSA). We adhere to Federally aligned standards via NGSS, STE(A)M, CASEL, & Common Core.

Why schools choose us?

Our Health & Wellness programs are student-centered and hands on! The course delivery is fun and interactive for instructors and students alike.

What's our history?

In the past 5 years, we partnered with over 1800 schools, community centers, and entire districts from Sonoma to San Diego. We have since revised our traditional service model for an online delivery platform to streamline our educational on-boarding process.

Where was Rainbow Chefs?

Rainbow Chefs’ nutritional programs can be found active in all our educational partnerships as a service model, but as more schools and networks joined we developed a virtual platform to minimize costs and elevate access for all.

Where is Rainbow Chefs today?

Our Digital Health Initiative is to create equity and access to all educational communities by minimizing startup costs so that everyone can join our preventative health measures in improving the lives of youth in all communities. We are now able to serve more schools at a fraction of the cost of our traditional service model.

What is included?

Every curriculum bundle includes 5 courses to fill the academic year with a variety of themes and lessons to choose from. This is typically more than one will need, but we like to provide variety and options for every learning community.